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Our Ensembles

The Central Oregon Youth Orchestra is a regional youth orchestra program educating and inspiring young musicians through exceptional ensemble training and performance opportunities.

Camerata Symphony
The Camerata Symphony is our newest ensemble for advanced musicians that successfully demonstrate a level of playing equal to the Oregon High School All State Audition requirements. An audition is required for the advanced orchestra. Advanced orchestra is a level based ensemble, the average age is 15 years. More advanced youth orchestra musicians are encouraged to participate in chamber music activities and the annual concerto competition.

Concert Orchestra
The Concert Orchestra takes the place of the Youth Orchestra and includes students with 3-6 years of experience and will serve as the largest full symphony group for COYO. An Audition is required to become a member of the Concert Orchestra.

Fantasia Orchestra
The Fantasia Orchestra, takes the place of our Junior Symphony, and welcomes students who have played a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument for at least one to three years. This ensemble takes the place of our Junior Symphony. It is designed to introduce playing in an ensemble, sharpen and refine technical skills, while playing great music and having great fun! An Audition is required to become a member of the beginning group.

Chamber Ensembles
The Brass Choir, Woodwind Quintet, and Armer String Quartet are chamber groups comprised of students in the advance orchestra. Each chamber group has a professional coach that works with the musicians and guides their efforts in learning about performing in small chamber ensembles. These ensembles may rehearse outside of the regular rehearsal schedule.

An audition is part of the process of participating in the Central Oregon Youth Orchestra ensembles and groups. Every one will audition. We will distribute each students' rubric scores to them at the end of the first rehearsal on Sunday. Students are encouraged to contact the conductors personally with any questions in regards to the auditions process. There will be another set of auditions prior to our Spring term for any student wishing to re-audition.