About COYO

Youth orchestras create community; they infuse the growing, youthful spirit with goodness.

Welcome to COYO! Central Oregon is a rich community of outdoor activity, and music is a great way to come indoors and explore a special opportunity of music making with good friends and new friends!

Each season COYO students will rehearse and present a wide variety of exciting repertoire featuring student soloists and nationally recognized performers. COYO members will have opportunity to meet and workshop with guest teachers and pedagogues from around the country. The COYO initiative will compliment and support the privileged music making already present in our school programs. COYO members will be supported and mentored in their growth as musical ambassadors for our local communities in Central Oregon and beyond.

The youth orchestra experience provides an exceptional opportunity for enriched musical and personal growth.  Each orchestral member is a special presence, which when united, creates a resounding and signature sound. Self-esteem, confidence and true joy for a job well done are fostered; a spirit of real teamwork is cultivated and celebrated. Quality music making can teach and illuminate essential skills vital on the journey to life-long goals and genuine accomplishment.

COYO is now a member of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.